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AER O&M Outpost

AER O&M Outpost is an archive for the Division and contains other resources related to Orientation and Mobility.  Please click here to view the AER O&M Outpost.

3D Pen Presentation Recording:

General Resources

Task Force on Third-Party Coverage for Specialized Services Report

Literature List for Deaf-Blind and O&M

Environmental Access Committee Water Cooler Session Resources and References

AER Position Papers

IDEA and Orientation and Mobility/Travel Training

Liability Insurance Considerations

Accessible Pedestrian Signals

About Accessible Pedestrian Signals

Detectable Warning Surfaces

Guidance through Construction Areas

Design Guidelines for the Visual Environment

Shared Streets: Impacts for Pedestrians with Visual Impairments

Considerations When Requesting an Accessible Pedestrian Signal

Need for Accessible Pedestrian Signals When Leading Pedestrian Intervals (LPIs) and Exclusive Pedestrian Phases are Installed

Sample Letter Requesting an Accessible Pedestrian Signal

List of Accessible Pedestrian Signal Manufacturers

Roundabouts and Pedestrians who are Blind or who have Low Vision (updated version coming soon)

NMSBVI O&M Inventory

The NMSBVI Orientation & Mobility (O&M) Inventory was developed as a means of quantifying student progress across the many areas that make up O&M. The goal was to create a user friendly assessment tool that quickly allowed an O&M to identify areas of need for individual students. Further, there was a need to structure it in such a way as to allow paperwork averse O&Ms to easily track student progress over time. The Inventory aspires to meet these needs.

Click here to download the O&M Inventory Form in Excel

Click here to download the O&M Multiple Disabilities Inventory Form in Excel

For more information about this resource, please click to visit the New Mexico School for the Blind and Visually Impaired’s website

O&M Program Supervisors and Planners — Problems and Solutions

In 2000, in response to concerns about misunderstandings and misperceptions of program administrators which resulted in inappropriate O&M programs, the Orientation and Mobility Division established an Ad Hoc Supervisory / Program Planning Committee. This committee gathered ideas and resources which are posted here — if you can add any helpful suggestions or information, please contact Dona Sauerburger.

Problems include:

•Determination/justification of O&M services for children
•Limited O&M personnel to provide services
•O&M lessons restricted to building or campus, and/or no transportation to the lessons

For more information on each of the above topic areas, please visit

2011 O&M Survey Results

2011 O&M Survey Summary – PDF
2011 O&M Survey Summary– Word