Professional Development

Professional development isn’t a one-time thing; it is a continuous part of a professional’s career. AER is dedicated to providing professional development that advances proven practices, knowledge and overall career performance. We offer various pathways to help vision professionals gain new information, enhance their work, remain competitive and earn continuing education hours/credits for ACVREP, CRCC, and AOTA.

AER offers in-person conferences, including a Biennial International Conference held in even calendar years and subject-matter conferences, typically held during odd calendar years. The International Conference is the largest gathering of AER members and other vision professionals and provides educational sessions, networking, meetings and special events. “Subject-matter” conferences are smaller in scope, but provide an excellent opportunity to deeply explore central topics and areas related to serving individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

MacFarland Seminar
The MacFarland Seminar is organized around a particular topic that is medical in nature. It is held as a pre-conference seminar at the International Conference and provides an opportunity to gain in-depth awareness from leading experts in the field.

The AER eLearning Center
The AER eLearning Center offers educational sessions online to help broaden knowledge, skills and abilities and excel in your job. With a variety of topics, it is a one-stop portal where you can gain continuous learning and earn continuing education hours with ease and flexibility. Visit the Center here:

Webinars & Water Coolers (E-Learning)
Many AER Divisions offers webinars and live watercooler chats that cover topics of vital importance to vision professionals. AER’s webinars and watercoolers offer a convenient and affordable way to fulfill your professional development needs without leaving your workplace or home.

AER LIFT is premier leadership training for current and emerging leaders. Drawing on the knowledge and experience of people who have led in diverse ways and settings, it embodies innovation, capacity building and results-oriented leadership as a means of developing modern day leadership skills.

As a membership association, AER works closely with its members and other leaders in the field to offer excellent publications and resources related to the vision profession.

The AER awards program recognizes outstanding contributions in the vision field. It provides a chance to celebrate accomplishments while at the same time raising awareness of the extraordinary value of members’ work.