Position Papers

AER members create position papers on topics specific to the association’s interest-specific divisions.  These thoughtful documents provide guidance to professionals serving those who are blind and visually impaired.

Low Vision Division (Div.  7)

Orientation & Mobility (Div. 9) 

Itinerant Personnel Division (Div. 16)

Neurological Visual Impairment Division (Div.  20)

Position Paper Process

AER Division members create position papers that reflect the consensus of the membership.  In order to be an approved position paper, the following procedure must be followed:
  1. Prepare a draft of the position paper and publish it in a Division newsletter and/or other appropriate publication that reaches all Division members.  Because of the importance of comments from Division members, no position paper may be considered for acceptance by the Division unless a draft has had prior publication in a Division newsletter or another appropriate publication.
  2. Invite comments, criticisms, and suggestions from the Division members and revise the position paper accordingly.
  3. Accept final draft of the position paper with a two-thirds majority vote at an international meeting or through mail ballot voting of the Division membership.
  4. Distribute and publicize approved position papers.