AER Resolutions


AER Board Resolution 2023 Concerning ACVREP’s Announced OT Certification

AER Resolution 2022-01 Concerning the safety of clients in residential and related training facilities, as well as university programs
AER Resolution 2022-02 Concerning the promotion of Successful Strategies Used by Fellow AER Practitioners With Disabilities
AER Resolution 2022-03 Concerning Consensus-Building to Promote Vision Rehabilitation Therapy
AER Resolution 2022-04 Concerning the Intersectionality of Vision Loss and Mental and Emotional Health and Wellness
AER Resolution 2022-06 Setting Forth AER’s Primary Federal Legislative and Regulatory Agenda for the 2022-2024 Biennium

AER Resolution 2018-01 CVI
AER Resolution 2018-02 Ethical Research
AER Resolution 2018-03 Ethical Communication
AER Resolution 2018-04 Accreditation

AER Resolution 2016-01 Accessing Third-Party Payment for Vision Rehabilitation Professionals and Services
AER Resolutions 2016-02  Advocacy for Appropriate Learning Media Assessments
AER Resolutions 2016-03 Autonomous and Connected Vehicles
AER Resolutions 2016-04 BANA Board Representation and Collecting Input from Membership
AER Resolution 2016-05 Roles and Responsibilities of Teachers and Students with Visual Impairments to Teach the Expanded Core Curriculum

AER Resolution 2014-01 – Literacy Media Decisions for Students with Visual Impairments

AER Resolution 2014-02 – General Session Employment Topic

AER Resolution 2012-01 – Anne Sullivan Macy Act of 2012

AER Resolution 2010-01 – Task Force Formation

AER Resolution 2010-02 – Support for VRT Licensure
AER Resolution 2010-03 – Support of O&M and Vision Rehabilitation Services in Israel

AER Resolution 2008-01 – Returning War Veterans

AER Resolution 2008-02 – New York State Licensure
AER Resolution 2008-03 – 504 Education Plan
AER Resolution 2008-04 – O&M Licensing Regulations in Wisconsin
AER Resolution 2008-05 – Tom Harkin
AER Resolution 2008-06 – Illinois Host Committee Congratulations
AER Resolution 2008-07 – Marriott Hotel Staff Thank You