Become a Vision Professional

Vision professionals have the opportunity to make positive changes in another person’s life. There are a variety of professions in the vision community, a number of different types of working environments, and employment options. Vision professionals work with public or private organizations, with children and adults, and with educational, medical and rehabilitation professionals.

Please review the flyers below (available in various versions for printing or downloading) for details on each profession including general job descriptions, educational requirements, and places of employment.

For a full listing of jobs in the vision field, visit AER’s Job Exchange, the best place to find vision jobs!

Vision Professionals include:
Low Vision Therapists (LVT) use tools and techniques to maximize vision and make everyday activities easier.
LVT Professional Flyer, Color – PDF
LVT Professional Flyer – Word

Orientation & Mobility Specialists (O&M) are travel specialists who teach adults and children how to travel independently, safely, and efficiently.
O&M Specialist Flyer, Color – PDF
O&M Specialist Flyer – Word

Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments (TVI) teach children to explore the world by learning how to interpret what they hear, feel and smell.
TVI Professional Flyer, Color – PDF
TVI Professional Flyer – Word

Vision Rehabilitation Therapists (VRT), who were formerly known as Rehabilitation Teachers, are specialists in independent living. They teach people with limited vision to create new approaches to familiar routines so they can live on their own terms.
VRT Professional Flyer, Color – PDF
VRT Professional Flyer – Word