Itinerant Personnel (Division 16)

Welcome to the AER Itinerant Personnel Division (Division 16).

As the second largest AER division, we focus on the varied needs of teachers serving students, birth to graduation, who are blind or visually impaired on an itinerant basis in public schools.

Member Benefits… Member benefits include our newsjournal,The Driving Force, use of the division’s website, and technical assistance regarding caseload analysis and allocation.

How to Participate… volunteer on any one (or more) of our committees:
Professional Issues
Nominating Committee &
Research & Publications Review
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Ad Hoc

CollAERborations Newsletter
The CollAERborations Newsletter is a joint effort by the Multiple Disabilities/Deafblindness, Infant/Preschool, Education Curriculum, Itinerant Personnel Divisions of AER.

CollAERborations Newsletter 2017 – PDF
CollAERborations Newsletter 2017 – Word

Latest Newsletter – Winter 2016 Volume 3 Issue 2 – Word
Latest Newsletter – Winter 2016 Volume 3 Issue 2 – PDF