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What a year of embracing the unknown, being flexible, and making good come out of the seemingly impossible! Our creativity has been stretched to the max. Take time now to celebrate that colleague who excels in a specialty area or a group of colleagues collaborating on a project who demonstrate exemplary leadership in our field of work for the blind and vision impaired and inspire us to carry on! Nominations are now open for the Mason Award for Leadership and the Dominion Award of Excellence. Criteria for both awards are delineated on the nomination form. Let’s honor those among us for their incredible dedication and hard work!
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Celebrating A Wonderful Tradition

The Quilt Raffle to benefit The Barbara McCarthy Scholarship

This year’s quilt, pieced and quilted by Julie Lee Kay, will be raffled off to benefit the Barbara McCarthy Scholarship at Virginia AER’s next Vision conference whether it is live, virtual or a combination of the two.

Applications for the 2021 scholarship, to support professionals going into the vision field, will be available in the fall on the Virginia AER website.