Materials and Resources


Perkins Latin America Website: Website where you can find articles, resources and find information about programs and projects in Latin America.

AFB: American Foundation for the Blind – you can find many articles and resources.

Once: A professional group that works with people with visual impairments in Spain.

The Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired: A good page for teachers and families of students with visual impairments. There are many resources and activities to teach students with visual impairments.

National Eye Institute: A LOT of information about eye conditions, eye anatomy, and eye health.

Apascide: It is a page of a group of blind deaf Spaniards and their families. There are some articles and texts.

DeafBlind International: It is an international group that supports blind deaf people and their families.

Deaf Blind National Clinic: It has a lot of information and resources for the deaf blind.

Programs in Latin America

Articles and Materials
Braille in Spanish :