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Teacher for the Visually Impaired/Orientation and Mobility Specialist

Job Description:

SUMMARY: Responsible for instructing academically functional classes and orientation and mobility to students who are visually impaired in coordination with current curriculum and within the framework of district and state content standards.


1. Develop, plan, prepare, and implement:

  • Course content, format, structure, and schedule.
  • Classroom materials, activities, and lesson plans that model appropriate O & M techniques.
  • Individualized programs within the general curriculum to include orientation and mobility strategies.
  • Instruction in visual efficiency, tactile symbols, braille, assistive technology, auditory skills, social skills, use of near and distance low vision devices, and other areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum.
  • Spatial and environmental concepts and use of information received by the senses to establish, maintain, or regain orientation and line of travel.
  • Adapted materials by registering eligible students with the Colorado Instructional Materials Center (CIMC).

2. Facilitate student growth by developing gross and fine motor skills, sensory skills, and basic concepts.

3. Create a classroom environment which maximizes instructional opportunity, supervise the behavior and well-being of students in the classroom and all educational settings, and administer discipline when appropriate.

4. Assist principal in the scheduling, supervision, and direction of classified paraprofessionals.

5. Monitor student learning and progress to:

  • Evaluate success of the educational approaches, specialized instruction, supports, and services.
  • Adapt support as needed.
  • Maintain documentation pertinent to academic, social, and emotional progress and needs of students.
  • Ensure appropriate vision-specific supports are in place and that necessary skills are attained for transition from school to adult life.

6. Communicate students’ progress, needs, and eligibility with parents and other staff as needed.

7. Collaborate:

  • With parents/guardians, teachers, support personnel, administrators, and other special education providers to implement program and improve student outcomes for students with vision impairment.
  • With colleagues in team and building-based meetings and discussions.

8. Demonstrate a commitment to:

  • Understand, appreciate, and make accommodations for student diversity.
  • Include and engage families in the student’s education.
  • Support all Poudre School District policies, procedures, and expectations.
  • Provide personal and professional excellence.

9. Participate in:

  • Department, team, building, IEP/staffing, and district meetings and discussions.
  • Student and/or family conferences and other meetings.
  • Social, cultural, interscholastic, and extracurricular activities.
  • Professional growth opportunities.



  • Master’s degree with proper teaching licensure program required.
  • Experience in an educational setting with students with visual impairment needs preferred.


  • Criminal background check required for hire.
  • Valid Colorado teaching license with appropriate endorsement of Special Education Specialist: Visually Impaired required by start of contract.