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Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist

Job Description:

Purpose of Position

The person in this position provides instruction in long cane travel and other adaptive aids to blind and low vision residential and day clients who are participating in the Center’s rehabilitation program. In addition, the COMS develops and updates the curriculum followed when providing this instruction.

Primary focus will be on developing and increasing skills for safe walking in a variety of environments and conditions. For each client participating, the person in this position assesses needs, develops a service plan to meet those needs, maintains current records of client progress, coordinates services with those provided by other staff, and completes reports on level of skill development and recommendations for devices, equipment, further training, and other services. The encouragement and support of clients to accept their vision loss, to participate in Center activities, and to embrace an attitude of independence and problem-solving using alternative techniques is fundamental to all activities.All staff must comply with requirements as defined in grant conditions, contract stipulations, partnership agreements, Community Rehabilitation Program Standards, and any other requisites of funding sources, inspecting and evaluating agencies, and/or service partners.


Direct Service Delivery:

1. Assess the abilities and needs of clients to learn and apply adaptive techniques for mobility then develop a recommended plan of action to meet those needs and support independence.

2. Develop, update, and refine curricula for Orientation and Mobility instruction as well as the Component Description.

3. Educate and instruct clients in the development and proficient use of travel skills, including home-based as well as residential and business area mobility to increase their independence and self-esteem.

4. Participate in a team approach for the development and provision of individualized training schedules and lesson plans for clients to meet their assessed needs.

5. Respond to questions and concerns by clients regarding issues and obstacles encountered in navigating streets, stores and general use facilities, and public transportation.

6. Participate in meetings of instructional and direct service staff to review and coordinate service delivery as well as to ensure continuity and intra- as well as inter-agency coordination.

7. Maintain client files and related information in accordance with laws and regulations governing confidentiality.

8. Conduct home visits to instruct in safe mobility and to resolve areas of concern then prepare a report to include recommendations for feasible accommodations, adaptive equipment, and environmental modifications to maximize efficiency, accuracy, and long-term safety to ensure that clients have the necessary tools to live as independently as possible.

9. Provide worksite assessments independently or in conjunction with other Center staff then prepare a report to include recommendations for feasible accommodations, adaptive equipment, and environmental modifications to maximize efficiency, accuracy, and long-term safety to ensure that clients have the necessary tools to obtain or retain a job.

10. Identify new resources, tools, devices and keep current with Orientation and Mobility concepts and applicability to convey accurate and effective information to clients and others.


11. Compile, compose, and produce monthly reports on activities, including support and assistance given to Center clients, for submission in accordance with a specified timeline.

12. Maintain an adequate inventory of supplies, teaching materials, and equipment important in effective Orientation and Mobility instruction, and make recommendations to the Program Director concerning needs for training equipment and supplies.

13. Attend staff and other agency meetings and participate in training/educational opportunities on current rehabilitation technologies whenever possible to upgrade knowledge and skills.


All Alaska Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired employees are to consistently demonstrate the organization’s values and a commitment to the Center’s mission and to equality for people with disabilities. Employees are to demonstrate integrity, professionalism, accountability, cooperation with and respect for others.

Required Education

Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited University.

Master’s Degree/Certification in Orientation and Mobility/ Structural Discovery.

Preferred Work Experience

Two (2) years of prior experience in delivering O&M/other rehabilitation services to the blind and visually impaired.

Preferred Work Experience

Two (2) years of experience delivering functional sight assessments in a vision rehabilitation center or clinic setting preferred.


  • Valid State of Alaska Driver’s License should the successful candidate choose to drive a vehicle (owned, leased or otherwise) for business purposes.
  • A personal vehicle used for any Center business must meet the requirements for insurance by the State of Alaska.
  • Certification in O&M from ACVREP.

Physical Requirements – must be able to:

  • use hands and arms to operate office equipment.•sit less than half the workday.
  • stand and/or walk up to three-quarters of the workday.
  • bend, stretch, twist, crouch and/or reach.
  • view electronic monitors or use assistive technology such as a screen reader or Braille output for prolonged periods of time.
  • use hands and arms for repetitive motion tasks.
  • lift or carry unaided up to 25 pounds.
  • push or pull using up to moderate force.