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$52,000 - $60,000 annually

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Assistive Technology Specialist

Job Description:

The Assistive Technology Specialist is a member of the vision rehabilitation team and works with people individually and in small groups to evaluate their assistive technology needs, recommend specific technology solutions that may help them to reach their independent living goals, and provides training and support to ensure that the client is able to use the technology to its full potential.

The Assistive Technology Specialist works with clients at IN-SIGHT. On a limited basis services may also be offered in their homes, schools, at their workplaces, and in the community.

The Assistive Technology Specialist is supervised by the Director of Vision Rehabilitation and works as part of a team with a vision rehabilitation therapist, program assistant, and an optometrist.

As IN-SIGHT has several clients who are quite adept at using assistive technology, the Assistive Technology Specialist also harnesses that enthusiasm and knowledge through small group workshops, a tech user learning group, and peer mentoring.

Essential Functions

  • Determines the nature of the client’s needs by interviewing the client and assessing their independent living needs and their interest in a variety of assistive technology solutions.
  • Establishes a course of action by exploring options and setting goals with the client.
  • Provides individual instruction to clients on the proper use of a variety of assistive technology solutions.
  • Facilitates small group workshops focused on topics related to assistive technology including new and existing solutions.
  • Maintains relationships with assistive technology companies and dealers to stay informed about new assistive technology solutions and to create opportunities for clients to experience new technology solutions.
  • With consent from the client, offers support and resources for their families, caregivers, and friends who may be supporting the client with their assistive technology learning and use.
  • Maintains a record of client interactions, goals, and progress.


  • Minimum BS Degree.
  • At least 5 years of experience in vision rehabilitation, technology training, or a related field.